Thinking of Gatlinburg

I’m looking out the window on a beautiful day in Roswell Ga. writing a Happy Friday message to post when Gatlinburg Tn. popped in my head. Work took me to Gatlinburg just six weeks ago and I’ll tell ya, It’s beautiful. Both the landscape and the folks who live there.
Seeing pictures and videos of the fires are really heart breaking and I am at a loss for words. My thoughts and prayers are going out to all who have been Affected.

“Wish that I was on ol’ Rocky Top Down in the Tennessee hills”

3 thoughts on “Thinking of Gatlinburg

      • Thank you, but I do not wish to mislead. I did not serve, but most of my family did. Frankly, at the height of the Vietnam War, it was the one time my father put his foot down and said no to me. I ended up there for a very short time with the press. My site is about the troops that did all the hard work.

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