Campgrounds and Locals

Campground owners can now look in their own backyard to increase business. There are now 8.9 million RV’s in the U.S. and the industry is growing rapidly. Since the average RV is only used three weeks a year, a new industry has opened up and it too is on the rise. Owner rentals. For years the rental market has been paying off the mortgage on vacation homes and condos and now, more and more RV owners are opening up to to the rental market paying for their RV’s too.

Not only are they earning income instead of letting the unit sit idle the other 344 days of the year, the are also receiving the tax benefits afforded them just by making the RV available for rent. Since the average RV owner has no clue just how significant the tax deductions can be, has put a Tax Deduction Estimator on their website. People are shocked when they see this. Click the link, answer the six simple questions and see what I mean.

There ore only a couple of reasons RV owners do not  rent their rig. Fear and insurance. Eliminate the fear just by keeping it local. Every campground has RV’s just sitting idle nearby. RV owners are simply driving, or pulling their rig right down the road to a local campground where it will stay for the duration of the rental. It is a win win. More business for the campground and a lot less stress for the RV owner. And guess what? If something should break, its now a write off.

Campers, RV’ers and campground owners; come together locally and get to know each other. It will be rewarding for all. Maybe even for me. If you have any Questions about and how we can help you with your RV rentals, shoot me an email. Happy Camping!

Stephen “Reno” Singletary   (770)618-9766

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