RV + Football = $$$


Here is some grilled food for thought for ya. “Football season is my most profitable time of the year” That is a quote from a camper owner who is listing on RentWizard.com.

Every Friday of a home game weekend, I deliver the camper to the campsite, set it up and go over everything the renter needs to know, he tells me. Sunday comes, he goes and picks it up.

He is charging a premium during football season, more than any other time of year and is planning to buy a couple of used pop-ups for next year. By the way, he lives in the Northeast. Brrrrr…

Just like a condo, RV’s are paying for themselves today. Food for thought.

Now this pains me to say, I am a Gamecock but hats off and congratulations to the Clemson Tigers. That was one hell of a National Championship Game!

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