Should I Rent My RV Out?

Should I rent my RV out? YES! I work for What did you think I was going to say? Your RV does sit idle most of the year. Put it to work and make some money! Convinced?

Ask This Question Instead.

Should I make my RV available for rent? Now this is a good question. Even though I have talked with a thousand RV owners who are successfully renting renting thier RV’s out, and many so happy they are looking to add a second unit jut for rentals, there remains a lot of folks who have no desire and will not rent thier RV out. Great! Lets just explore the bennifits of making it available for rent.

Let me explain. The tax savings are tremendous. Just by making your RV “available” for rent, your RV is now a small business and qualifies for all the deductions and write offs associated with RV rentals. Interest on monthly payments. Maintenance and repair bills. Insurance. Depreciation. These are all deductions. The savings are incredible. See for yourself. Go to the Tax Deduction Estimator at and answer the 6 simple questions You may be shocked.

Examples. A class C owner who wants to rent thier vehicle out a lot may list at $100.00 a day. On the fence? Another owner who really does not want to rent thier RV out BUT, they will for $450.00 a day, will list at $450.00 a day! Guess what happens when an owner list a 1982 15 ft pull behind for $2,000.00 a day with a $10,000.00 deposit? You got it. Nothing. However, he did make it available. All three of these folks who made thier RV available for rent are eligible for the tax savings. Yes, I agree. The 3rd scenario is silly. The point is, you are in charge of how often and how much your RV rents for.

Should I rent my RV out or should I make my RV available for rent? Go to, click help, read through the FAQ section. Click “List Your RV” and check out the Tax deduction Estimator. Shoot us an email or call me. RentWizard has created a website to make RV rentals as easy as possible and we are here to help you.

Stephen “Reno” Singletary

email: ph: 770-618-9766

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