The VRBO, airbnb for RV’s and Campers. is a peer to peer website designed specifically to bring RV owners together with people looking to rent an RV. Just like airbnb and VRBO. You simply search the type of vehicle, class A, B, pull behind, fifth wheel, anywhere in the United States.

There are two things unique to

#1 being they have taken the time to search out all the tax deductions available for RV owners who make their RV’s and campers available for rent. Go to and answer six simple questions on the tax deduction estimator and find out how much you can be saving in taxes.

#2. Being a peer to peer website, RentWizard is getting the camping community involved with the growth of the website with their Ambassador Program. Ambassadors are paid simple by referring RV owners to the website. When that person list their rig for rent, the Ambassador receives a commission. They will receive a commission every time that RV is   rented and every year the listing is renewed. Mailbox money!                                                           Go to and join today.

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